I'm Simon, twenty-two from Manchester, England. I'm a third year fine art student at Manchester School of Art.

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  1. bingo2000:

Mini collage by atelier bingo. 
  2. autosafari:

Hay, Milan by magastrom on Flickr.
  3. confront:

Dean Hughes, Winter, 2013
Wood, dyed calico and thread.
  4. confront:

Paul Cowan, Untitled, 2012
Enamel on canvas.
  5. excdus:

Landing/Grounding, 2011
Sarah Awad
  6. pootee:

M O O D - 07 October 2014
  7. my-tumblrisbetterthanyours:

  8. my-tumblrisbetterthanyours:

Josef Albers
  9. artexpansion:

Sarah Charlesworth, Tiger
  10. Rose Golds shot by me.